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My session with Carrie caused such a huge shift that we generated $120,000 because of it. In just 30 minutes, she pulled out things I didn't know were problems, helped me get re-aligned, find my mission and heal so I could step into the role I needed to. 


We also generated $21,000 for charity at our live event because of 

my session with Carrie. It was transformational and powerful. 

Brandon Lucero, Founder

-Bob Bailey, CEO, Co-Founder.jpeg

People feel like they’re manifesting how they want to live. There's this amazing 180 degree turn. We’re creating an environment where you can be your best self and you can take it out with you to the world. You take what life gives you or you create your life - people are realizing that they are creators. It’s a different contract we have with our people.

Bob Bailey, CEO, Co-Founder

John Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder.jpeg

We've created the environment where everybody understands that their opinion does matter and they can participate, but also they want to. There's a shared expectation of understanding about what the desired outcomes are, and there's a shared expectation about their roles, and people now take more ownership.

John Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder

Jeremy Schwartz, CCO.jpg

Historically, as partners we were driving many of the significant decisions that guided our business, and could not understand why the organization consistently felt slow in the adoption of that change, despite working hard to create transparency to the 'why's' behind the decisions. Today we have an empowered team driving the change we need to unlock more potential at every level of our business. We're benefitting from more valuable insights because we have more visibility to the issues that impact our business every day, not just the (sometimes limiting) beliefs of the owners.

Jeremy Schwartz, CCO

jenn piper headshot.jpeg

Carrie LaDue's approach to coaching is supportive, empathetic, intelligent, practical, and actionable. She helps you identify your limiting beliefs, understand how they are affecting you, and devise strategies to overcome them. My experience with Carrie and her team has been life-changing. I'm a better leader, mentor, co-worker, employee, wife, and mother because of the coaching and training I received. I would highly recommend Carrie and her team for individual, as well as company-wide, coaching.

Jennifer Piper - Director of Client Services


Working with Carrie was one of the best investments I made in myself and my business. My business was growing, but I knew that if I wanted to take it to a higher level, I would need guidance from a good coach. What I received in Carrie was much more than just a good coach. She truly listened and provided just the right questions to help me dig deeper into my limited thinking (the kind of thinking you don't realize is holding you back). What's more, Carrie is incredibly gifted & knowledgeable in strategy. In the end, she helped me more than I anticipated by providing insight that helped me break through limiting mindsets, backed with a strategic process that allowed me to reach my goals with a feeling of ease rather than strive & struggle.

Maria Kast, Owner


Carrie exemplifies everything a high level consultant and leadership coach should provide: inclusiveness, change/project management strategy, systems' thinking, results, etc. She knows how to execute and has the "it" factor that brings the right touch of cognitive dissonance and confidence to your team to ensure capacity building is a joyful experience for everyone involved. My team and I have truly benefited from partnering with her.

Brian Kingsley, Superintendent


Carrie LaDue is a brilliant coach. She helped me break through some strongholds, energy blocks, and get my professional and personal life on track and in alignment with a more positive flow. Her methods were clear, kind, intuitive, and research-based. I always felt heard, supported, and I walked away KNOWING I had the tools to continue the work. I can't speak highly enough of Carrie and the power of working with her. I believe that everyone deserves to live their best life, and Carrie has the skills and love to do this.

Carrie Cobb, School Designer


The session with Carrie helped me build my business quicker and with ease. I was blocked around being visible in my business that showed up as fear of judgement and being seen. I’ve taken all of the personal development and business training workshops and while I was getting clients, it was not at the rate I needed to. 


After just one session I was instantly more confident putting myself and my work out there. A veil has been lifted and I am in the flow of who I am, authentically. It feels amazing and liberating. 


I would recommend Carrie to anyone experiencing a glass ceiling or insecurities around being visible in business.  Carrie is intuitive and insightful and her work is life changing.

Leah Cresenzo, Owner


The results I’ve gotten have been unexpected. I had always felt I wasn’t enough. Now I see

I’m a complete universal package of greatness and I was acknowledged for the first time 

as a woman of color. 


I have discovered many things about myself that are perfect and I get to choose out of my

many talents how to express myself in the world. The modules are powerful, but the group

Coaching is so personal and always a safe space. 


I love that we focus on moving forward together. I’m now setting boundaries in my personal 

Life and I’m not sorry anymore for honoring myself. I can now own being amazing.

Dr. Rachel Hill, Owner


Since working with Carrie, I have had my biggest revenue month and am fully booked with 

clients! Before I met Carrie, I felt lost and unaligned. I felt isolated in my business and after 

having my first child, I knew I had a different message to share with the world, but I found it

difficult to articulate what that was.


With her help, I found my unique voice, I took off the mask and finally felt

able to stand up for what I believed in. I found the core of me and this enabled me to be 

vulnerable with my audience and clients and this has had a huge positive impact on my 

business and life.


I can't say enough wonderful things about Carrie and her

programme. She is a fabulous teacher, healer and coach.


I got back my investment within 2 months, and this is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Suzie Cuthbertson, Owner


Before working with Carrie, I was struggling to fill my practice. Since working with Carrie, I have been able to 5x my income from last year.


I knew I needed to make offers and build out my online presence but I wasn't sure what

to work on first, let alone second and third. I had tried a few other self-led business 

courses but I wasn't great at holding myself accountable and no one to get support from. 


Enter Carrie - She helped me get crystal clear on my messaging,

laid the foundation for my business, and helped eliminate all of the drama. 

Carrie's coaching helped me create self-accountability and clear the blocks that 

created overwhelm and confusion.

Alison Jamison, Owner


Since working with Carrie, I feel empowered and more focused. I couldn’t imagine that

within three short months I would be following my dreams and serving my ideal clients. 

I am getting clients every month now and I feel grateful for all the guidance and support

I’m receiving. It’s unbelievable and priceless.


If you need a heart-centered coach who helps you get more clients on continuous basis, 

knows how to give you a gentle nudge when you’re hiding, celebrate you when you’re making progress, brings transformation to your personal and professional life, helps you feel more confident, grounded and connected with yourself, delivers generously to her clients with 

excellent support, then you need the one and only Dr. Carrie LaDue.

Jaspreet Kaur, Owner


Working with Carrie has been a game changer. Her system is so clearly outlined that it

makes implementing easy.


I have a new found excitement that has replaced a former experience of feeling unclear.

As a business coach, I have known the steps, but was still pivoting and looking for the 

best way to create a client journey from start to finish. Her system has taken all the guesswork away.


Carrie creates an experience that delivers. Throughout every step, I’ve felt like I had

a partner who was as invested in my success as I was. She strikes the perfect balance between leadership and empowering her clients to tap into their own intuition, and become the leaders of their business.

Nadia Hosko, Owner


Working with Carrie has been transformational after just a few months! I was drawn 

to Carrie initially because I thought I was doing all the right things in my business, yet struggling to hit my revenue goals, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.


My work with Carrie has prompted huge shifts in my mindset and how I approach almost

every aspect of my company's growth. I now feel confident, trust my intuition, 

and am seeing big results.


If you are looking for specific business practices to build a solid foundation, a heart-focused 

mindset, and energetic shifts, and lots of success, Carrie is your answer!

Patricia Klimchuck, Owner


Carrie’s program has been life-changing! Before the program I had  a dream, but no direction to make it happen. Prior to working with Carrie, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to leave my job and make my dream happen. 

In 3 short months I left my job, became a certified energy healer and opened a wellness practice that already has clients. Her program helped me figure out who I most want to serve, how to market my business, and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. She knew just how hard to push me and helped me trust myself and use my intuition when I was questioning myself. 


I would absolutely recommend her!

Tonya Colburn, Owner


Carrie has been an incredible coach and mentor to me and has brought invaluable training and guidance that I haven't found anywhere else. Anyone that is looking to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your business, definitely talk to her ASAP!

Jordan Azis, Owner

Raf Antonio - Content Strategist.jpg

I have been told by management that I'm doing better than I ever have before. I'm leaning more into my strengths and getting more work done.

Rafael Sanchez, Content Strategist

Maria Jose Balta - Visual Designer.jpg

I was a "multitasker" now I flow. I am able to input as much energy but the outcome I feel is better and more meaningful.

Maria Jose Balta, Visual Designer

Melody Ossola - Associate Design Director.jpg

I feel like as a result, I get to solutions quicker

Melody Ossola, Senior Art Director

Kaitlyn Nolan - Account Director.jpg

It's helped me with prioritizing which tasks to tackle first based on importance vs. what's easiest to check off.

Kaitlyn Nolan, Account Director

Devon Higby - Senior Producer.png

It has really reduced the stress and anxiety that I would normally live under. The positive impact of this extends beyond myself as I've shared it with my family.  This strategy is making a significant difference.

Devon Higby, Senior Producer

Matt McKeveny - Associate Design Director.jpg

The biggest thing is everyone's attitude and approach to the work. Overall people seem to be less anxious and thinking that everything is an emergency which has been a great shift.

Matt  McKeveny, Associate Design Director

Justyn Iannucci - Art Director_Illustrator.JPG

I wrapped up a substantial project that turned out really well WITHOUT sacrificing my sanity to get it across the finish line.

Justyn Iannucci, Art Director

Julie - Production Assistant.JPG

I'm excited by two main thoughts: if there's something you don't like in your life, change it; if there's something you want in life, go after it.

Julie A. , Production Assistant

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