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Unlock Your Leadership Potential and Achieve Your Goals with Ease

Discover the transformative power of the Breakthrough Activation Method (BAM) and become the authentic, impactful leader you're meant to be.

Speaker Bio

Carrie is a renowned leadership coach, entrepreneur, and advisor who has trained and coached over 15,000 leaders and teams since 2007. With a passion for helping ambitious leaders and owners achieve their personal and professional goals with ease, Carrie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her speaking engagements.


As a successful business owner who has launched, scaled, and sold multiple companies, even during challenging economic climates, Carrie understands the unique challenges leaders face in their pursuit of success and fulfillment. She has worn every hat in a fast-growing company and is skilled at helping leaders create compelling market-dominating positions while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Speaking Topics

1. Unlocking Your Authentic Leadership: Discover how to align your values, purpose, and actions to become the authentic, impactful leader you're meant to be.


2. Achieving Your Goals with Ease: Learn proven strategies to break through barriers, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and achieve your personal and professional goals with greater ease and joy.


3. Mastering Work-Life Balance: Gain practical tools and techniques to successfully navigate the challenges of leadership while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.


4. Amplifying Your Impact: Discover how to leverage your unique strengths and leadership style to create a lasting impact on your team, organization, and community.

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"Strategy and execution are just two key elements we need to be successful. The third, and most essential tool, is a limitless mind that knows no boundaries.

That is missing link..."

Carrie is a Five Star Speaker

Carrie took the time to understand our audience and what makes them unique. She delivered her presentation with a rare combination of poise and empathy for our audience. Carrie is a five-star speaker.

John Warrillow

Founder & CEO,

The Value Builder System™


I Couldn’t Stop Repeating those Words in My Head

She’s right! I couldn’t stop repeating those words in my head as I listened to Dr. Carrie LaDue speak. She connected with me and elevated our event with a presentation that our members are still talking about. I’m putting her advice to work in our organization.

Brian Hamman


Greater Fort Myers Chamber


An Exceptional Presentation

Through her “Unleashing the Leader Within,” talk, Dr. LaDue invoked the audience’s attention with her charismatic storytelling approach, teaching us all that the only limits we experience are all self-imposed. Uniquely, Dr. LaDue demonstrated the significance of biofeedback and how it can be used to enhance our performance in leadership—a practical strategy for all to apply immediately. She truly connected with the audience and helped them develop the self-awareness and tools necessary to take their professional strengths to another level of leadership.

Amy Lewis

Event Coordinator

Media and Press


See Dr. Carrie LaDue featured in WomLEAD Magazine

"Be clear about what you want and your dreams. When thiings seem the hardest, and you are at a breaking point, that s when you are at your growth period."

Dr. Carrie LaDue


To book Carrie for your next leadership event or conference, please contact us at

We would be happy to discuss how Carrie can customize her presentation to meet the specific needs and goals of your audience.

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